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Not all take downs are the same and Not all takedown service providers are the same. Doing a little research and asking a couple questions will SAVE YOU A LOT OF MONEY.

How to find the right Takedown Service Provider

Here are some simple qualifiers you should know about your service provider:
  1. Do they offer a money back guarantee? This is a straight up service qualifier that gives you peace of mind. Should be standard issue with any company in the content takedown business.
  2. Can you speak with your someone handling your service? While email and web forms may carry the burden of case work the ability to speak with a professional about your case issues can be critical. Some cases are significantly more complicated than others. Having a conversation to discuss your options, pricing, service updates etc is professional.
  3. Do they process both personal and commercial takedown notices? These two kinds of takedowns are very different. One kind does NOT fit all. Personal takedowns require an extra level of professionalism.
  4. What is their experience and qualifications handling takedown notices - Number or years, number of countries, number and type of clients. Experience counts in the takedown business. Whoever you choose needs to know the "internet landscape". They should know the major players involved and how to navigate the complex country, host and ISP issues. Otherwise your takedown may not work, may take too long or not happen at all.
  5. What other takedown service and support options can they provide? Are they a full service shop? Do they also offer research services, content and case monitoring, legal referral, etc. All these can be a part of most takedown notices. If you have to go elsewhere or do it yourself that may slow down the process of getting your content taken down or cost you more.
  6. Do they provide Case Updates?You should be able to check the status of your case proceedings at any time. You should be able to know what stage your takedown request is in so a to plan appropriately.
  7. Are they concerned about your privacy? Special consideration needs to be shown regarding takedown case materials. Often the content is confidential and private. Email is not going to be an appropriate method of communication with regards to takedown notice cases. A secure login in which to communicate details regarding your case is mandatory.

Why use a takedown service provider?

Why not just do the takedown notice yourself? Good question. even has a Do it Yourself (DIY) takedown service for those who feel comfortable doing it themselves. Sending a takedown notice is easy. Anyone can do it. However not all takedowns are the same. There are many variables regarding the creation and processing of takedown notices:
  1. what notice will it be the most effective.
  2. is the notice commercial or personal - they are both very different.
  3. is it being sent to the right people
  4. is the right kind of notice for the right people
  5. is it the right kind of notice for the country within which the website and/or webhost is located
  6. what kind of content is contained within the takedown notice - (eg sending takedown notices (or any email) with links containing underage content is prohibited in some countries and some jurisdictions.)
  7. are the correct number of notices being sent
  8. and are the notices being sent in the correct order
  9. do any of the parties receiving the notices respond to takedown requests.
If you know the answers to these conditions with your notice by all means create and send the notice yourself. Otherwise I recommend you choose a takedown process service provider that will conduct a fast, professional, efficient job.


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